post-lobotomy – Xokeegan x gore_irl (Review)

Xokeegan teamed up with gore_irl and lwrcs to release a two track EP titled “post-lobotomy” on March 31st, 2021. The production was handled by both gore & lwrcs with lwrcs also providing some vocals for the second track, “IDFSW.” Let’s dive into this mini-snack, this is “post-lobotomy” by Xokeegan. The EP starts of with “Exit Station”, a song that reminds us we all don’t have a really destination with our life, as the track continues we learn from X as to why he feels trapped a bit but how he also makes an effort to shine through and make it home. The production on this track was really dope, it reminded me a bit of Ghostemane or $uicideboy$ with its snare/drum style along with how Xokeegan’s vocals were morphed in the track. “IDFSW” or what I think it stands for, “I Don’t Feel So Well” is the only track that features a guest from the likes of lwrcs who appears towards the end. The tracks theme feels like a high gone South, a bad trip where you start to make revelations or hallucinations, you have to drawn your own thoughts through the storytelling that is done very well by both artist. I like lwrcs inclusion on the track as it added another layer to this complicated title, his verses was the cherry on top. Along with a good verse or two we have a great beat from gore and lwrcs as well, both of these artist mashed a bit of emo-pop to trap with some more experimental sounds that kept the mood up. Overall this is a fantastic EP, you should definitely listen if you’re a fan of emo-rap/pop or looking for something more out of the normal, show love to everyone involved with a share or follow.

post-lobotomy – Xokeegan x gore_i

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