A Sea of Stars by WOLFCLUB x Dora Pereli (Music Video)

WOLFCLUB teamed up with my friend, Artist Stan along with Dora Pereli to release “A Sea of Stars” on March 8th, 2021. Who doesn’t like some retrowave, I enjoy it and was pleased to see that Artist Stan had created a video for this track. From Stan’s own post on the video, “I was watching a visualdon render on a retrowave mix and I thought, it’d be nice to feel what it’s like to be in Prime’s cab driving on Cybertron. I recalled the famous Prime “in-cab” shot from TFTM1986 and I set off representing that shot in pixelart, and then creating a space driving scene of what it’d be like to drive on a curving ring around Cybertron with moons and even the Earth in the background.” The detail in this baby is packed to the top, I love 8-bit renditions of classic characters from the G1 era of Transformers and this isn’t Stan’s first collaboration with WOLFCLUB, working on a video for the song “Just Drive” in February of 2021. “A Sea of Stars” is a very dope track in its own-self, WOLFCLUB’s usage of instruments is beautiful while Dora’s voice meshes perfectly on the track. Show all of these wonderfully talented artist love, thank you for this amazing work of art and music.

A Sea of Stars by WOLFCLUB x Dora Pereli (Music Video)

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