Story of My Life – Ant Clemons (Single)

Ant Clemons released a new single on March 16th, 2021. Now before I speak on this track I wanna give flowers to Ali Graham known as Lil Ye put me on this, go show some love cause they also be putting in work with amazing artwork. “Story of My Life” has the Grammy Award winning artist speaking on his story, from the early workings of being a young man, falling in love in his home of Jersey too being able to work with Kanye West or Justin Timberlake as he rises on the charts as a hot new R&B artist. This brother got Marvin’s beanie for a reason, he’s getting it on as he discusses the struggle of his last love but how he wanted to fix it until the record ended. This is smooth soul brother with an even better beat produced by Nicklaus von Nolde who added garlic to this buttery track. Shoutout has to go to the directors, James, Darrin Bush & City James killed the canvas that portrayed the art. Amazing track about love and life, please show that same energy to Ant and everyone involved, that includes Alex Harper, Tanner Nichols, Robert Julin, Natey, Kendell Cotta, TanerĂ©lle, JJ von Nolde and PLEXAS of Base Wood Studios


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