25 Years of Resident Evil

So just recently, 3 days ago, the very first Resident Evil game was released in Japan 25 years ago. In 4 days, it becomes 25 here in North America. Ever since it’s release, the series has released over 30 games, on several systems through different generations. 7 live action films, 4 cg animated films, an upcoming tv series, 21 novels and 9 comic book series. Plus the plethora of merchandise like collectables and guest appearances in various games. Remade from the original Sweet Home and inspired by Alone In The Dark that came before it, the game redefined the survival horror genre. More importantly, along with House of the Dead, renewed interest in zombie culture. And to add, one of my favorite video game series. Let’s reminisce about the very first Resident Evil.

So the backstory behind this game if I remember correctly is there was several murders on the outskirts of Racoon City that looked like cannibalism was involved. The special unit that is part of the Racoon City police department is known as S.T.A.R.S. (Special Tactics and Rescue Service), was sent to investigate and was split in to 2 teams: Alpha and Bravo team. Bravo team goes missing and Alpha team is sent after. If you played Resident Evil 0, which didn’t come out until later, you would know who Bravo team was. However this isn’t 0 so we will not talk about it. Anyways, Alpha team is lead by my least favorite guy, who I refer to as my nemesis, not to be confused with the main entity in Resident Evil 3, Albert Wesker. With him is Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine and Barry Burton with support from Rebecca Chambers and Brad Vickers. Joseph Frost was their original sixth until Rebecca was found alive. His death is what really sets the game in motion. They are forced to enter a mansion after being under attack and while in there are forced to solve the mystery of Bravo team. Depending on who you choose, one of them does not make it to the mansion. Now later on, they release a Director’s Cut that changes the beginning of the game but nonetheless still is the same game with a slight difference but once again that’s later and this is now. Once inside the mansion, the team splits up to investigate which during the investigation they encounter several members of Bravo team with one of them telling the character that someone in Alpha team is a traitor before killed. (Gee, I wonder who?) Eventually you learn that the mansion has a secret lab that has been doing experiments and you find out, Alpha leader, Albert Wesker is a double agent working for Umbrella. (Why I hate the guy.) Umbrella is a biomedical company who is responsible for that lab, that made the dreaded T-Virus. They planned to use their creation known as The Tyrant to eliminate the rest of the team. During this skirmish, Wesker is seemingly killed, (and I say good riddance) and you are forced to do battle with the Tyrant and afterwards you destroy the lab. There is 4 endings depending on what you did during the game. You can look them up on YouTube so I won’t have to describe them here. Overall, this game alongside the House of the Dead, renewed interest in the zombie genre and spawned a renaissance that led to multiple other games and movies and even recognized by the legend himself, George A Romero.

So, 25 years ago, the genre defining game that is ranked at number 15 of the most influential games, has spawned a whole world and culture. Now coming soon in May, on the 7th to be exact, Capcom is set to release the 8th title in the main series known as Resident Evil VI.I.I.age. It takes place 7 years later after Resident Evil 7. It arrives on Playstation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X, Windows and Google Stadia. If you read my rant about resellers, I would really love to play this game on the PS5 but I seriously doubt I’ll get access to one. (I’m talking to you, you damn resellers). Anyways, this wraps up my retrospect on a game that still catches me off guard every time I play it, including the remaster. Thank you for reading and get ready to play the latest installment. Now is the time, to play catch up or relive the first 7 games before the new one comes out. I am The Oracle of the Amazon, a Canary if you will. And I’m telling you, I love love love you all so much, stay awesome and try to be nice to each other. More importantly, remember One Love and Zero Miedo. Oracle out!

P.S. Join the Shida Army by hashtag #JoinTheShidaArmy to become #ShidaSamurai. Figures I try to get that in there lol. After all, outside of here I am the Shida Army General and Joshi Prime Minister. Late.


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