I feel a rant coming and I’m here to entertain ya. Because I’m down for the state of Pennsylvania….I continue anymore but that becomes copyright infringement. Anyways by the title, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what it’s about. I’m not here to review but here to rant. Maybe you’ll find humor, maybe you won’t. But in any case, here it goes.

The reason I bring this up because honestly, resellers are nothing but scum. Lazy bastards that want to take the easy way out. Quite honestly, the pricks deserve to get Lou Gehrig’s disease. Harsh I know, but it’s the sad truth. It makes it quite hard to get anything. Everything becomes a resell. Not all of them are bad. Some are reasonable and that’s ok. But if you’re asking for twice or three times what it’s worth, you need to drop dead. For a long time, I been trying to get my hands on some AEW wrestling figures because I’m a huge fan of wrestling and a collector but they been so hard to get because whenever they appear, they’re snatched up and resold for twice their price. Some even going for three times their price. I’m not entirely against it but come on, seriously. 5 bucks more, sure but higher than that, go fuck yourself. Finally after months, I finally got my hands on some and didn’t have to pay a ridiculous 50-75 bucks for one figure. But that’s not just about that. Need I say anything about the latest video game consoles. Fucking resellers, selling them double the price. As soon as they’re available, bam, bought and resold for double. What else gets resold, oh yeah, Funko pops. Everyone that knows me, knows I’m like one of the biggest Wonder Woman fans, it’s even in my usernames and my hashtags that have some kind of involvement associated with her or in comic books in general, namely DC. Anyways, there was this Barnes & Noble exclusive of her that sold out in minutes and is now getting resold for double the price. I worked in retail and dreaded the day pops got released because when my store would get exclusives, I would get all these fat, nerdy losers that breathe funny, ones that don’t even collect but just buy them to resell because it’s easy money and they don’t have to get a job. The list goes on and on. The worst ones were the ones that bitch about a little corner being dented and wanting to exchange. “Awe…what’s the matter? Mad that a little dent ruined your chance to resell it for a ridiculous price. Cry me a river you little bitch.” Which is what I would love to say but you know how it goes? What else gets resold now…oh now guess what’s back on the resell market? You ready? Cards. Football, baseball, basketball, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, Magic, hell even WWE cards. Like seriously, you fuckers put a price on everything now. What else? Movies, video games, I’m not going to say comic books because that’s been around for a long time and honestly, some of that shit is hard to get due to over the years. Comic books go back over 8 decades, can’t knock it. But that’s comic books. When you’re selling something that came out a month ago, and you’re selling it for a ridiculous price, get the fuck out of here. You’re a stain on society and you all need to die. For those that sell for reasonable prices, I respect and say keep up your hustle. Those that overprice, get the fuck out of here. I seriously hope you die or get some kind of disease and that my friends concludes this rant. I am the Oracle. So long.


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