Reality by Oracle

The scars of our past, made us who we are.

Most of us live life and drown our sorrows at the bars.

We’re broken and beaten and very very scarred.

Every night when we sleep we try to look up at the stars.

Life is tough and we cry, inside of our cars.

Half the time I swear and have to throw some money in a jar.

Every day you live, try to look up at the sky.

If you do that you’ll see things that are going to make you cry.

Those dark black clouds, will be with you always looming,

It’s okay to cry because that’s what makes us human.

I try to live life and that’s not very easy,

My home life and the world has made me very beastly.

I’m so damn grateful for the people in my life,

Without them around, I’ll have a lot of strife.

I truly am grateful and truly love my friends,

For the new ones in my life, I’m here for you until the end.

For the ones that I lost and no longer talk or come around,

Just know I still love you because my love has no bounds.


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