Will Ferrell – Jake Giller (Music Video)

Saint Paul, MN based rapper Jake Giller released a music video for his single, “Will Ferrell” on February 4th, 2021. The music video starts off with Giller at an interview, all things going fine until he is challenged by being questioned on if he can freestyle which leads into the tracks opening verse. The tracks lyrically theme is handled much like a freestyle, Jake has no real focus other then flexing his flow/delivery while being able to go bar for bar like Rocky vs Creed all while representing Water Wave TV. The video was shot, directed and edited by Joshua Lee and Ryan Rutjes had a nice vibe to it, the vibrant location of Water Wave who run a vintage spot in Minneapolis gave the video life threw a string of transitions colder then dry ice. Production for this track was handled by KXVI along with Aye V was dope, the beat had a good rhythm that felt like a blend of coke rap too club music, the flow met well with the sound. Dope track, show everyone some love to help spread their works, we can’t grow if we don’t help one another.


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