SCORES – Young God Blows x DAM3 (Single)

Brooklyn’s Young God Blow teamed up with DAM3 to release “SCORES.” The single sees Blow embrace his hometown, rapping about balling both in the literal sense and figurtive, from breaking records like ankles to hitting shots from deep Young God Blow really hits the dot on this track. DAM3 acts like his Rodman to Jordan, adding a aggressive flow/delivery to this hyped track, remember kids without Rodman there would be 3 less rings around Michaels fingers. RP Made It handled the production which shatters the backboard, really dope beat that works well with the theme of the entire track. Also huge credits to whoever made that cover, FLCL is fire so salute to you. Overall dope track, I was happy to get a press release of this from the homie Eric at MONARCH3 Records for securing us this track, show love to Blow, DAM3 and RP for more.


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