Peak – Yung Men (Music Video)

The boys are back in town with a brand new single/music video titled “Peak.” Released on February 19th, 2021, “Peak” sees Yung Men back in the rhythm after months of silence, these brothers have been featured on the site multiple times for their creative, high energy music which hasn’t lost a beat. Formed by 4 homies, Yung Men is made up by Cornelius, Ramethy aka Kilan Thorns, Gurg and FOOT all from The Bay Area. Now this single lyrically is all about reaching the peak, everyone has a different sorta peak they wish to reach in life, mine personally is to have this website reach a success that would allow me consider doing this full time, for the 4 members of Yung Men they have different goals which they break down in this slapper. All members also speak on this single as being just the beginning which hypes me up because these brothers have some real talent, some OF vibes in full effect. Cornelius starts off the track, fire, FOOT stomps on the track next with heat followed by a trippy middle section headed by all members with Gurg then performing his slapper verse, we then conclude with Ramethy who probably had my favorite bars overall on the track. Now we got to give full props to evatski who shot the video and Gabrielle Pulgar of Local Offices who handled the graphics. Big love to Cornelius who once again shined with his production. Overall fire video, amazing track all I can say is my boys are back, spread some love and jam to this track.


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