It’s A Raid – Ozzy Osbourne x Post Malone (Music Video)

Ozzy Osbourne teamed up with Post Malone to release a new single titled “It’s A Raid” on February 11th, 2020. Post has been slowly making the transition to metal/rock for a while now but with his recent project, “Hollywood’s Bleeding” Austin was able to collaborate with Ozzy on track 9, “Take What You Want” with Travis Scott. I loved that track so my excitement for “It’s A Raid” was there, this track delivers with a energy matched by the cocaine Oz is trying to get out of dodge with. The music video is animated well, reminds me of middle school years. My one issue is I wish Malone had more vocals on the track, he is on here for maybe 20 seconds then gone in a flash, but past that this track is dope, especially the 2 minute mark where it becomes psychedelic rock.


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