Zane Smith – Noise EP

Yours truly, the one and only Amazon Canary is bringing you his latest review of Lithonia based rapper Zane Smith. Smith dropped a new 3 song EP earlier this week and it continues the theme of his last releases. Aptly titled, it describes the things that he has faced in his life. Even on the cover, it shows a lot of noise. We can all relate to everything he raps about, especially in the first track, “Stay Focused”. The song pretty much is self-explanatory. The thing about Smith is the guy’s work ethic is on par on how all the greats are: from 2pac to Prince, and many others. This track is about how he pushed away all distractions and focus on his goal. He has quickly become one of my favorite rappers today because his music speaks to me and I can relate heavy. This track alone is exactly what I’m trying to do with my life. I’m trying to start a movement on social media. Trying to get a business going. Just trying to get recognized. Now I’m out of work, trying to figure things out to get back on track and I’m not going to let nothing stand in my way. With Smith as my soundtrack, I’m so glad to have learned about him and I never would’ve if it wasn’t for an Outkast post on Instagram. “Stay Focused” is definitely my theme song for the next couple of months. Next track is called, “Love Yourself” and pretty much doesn’t take much to clearly get the meaning. A lot of us struggle today with how we look, how we live, how we treat each other, what we do. Pretty much how 2pac said in his song, “Changes”. This is exactly what we need. There are times where I struggle with that and a lot of times, feel down on myself and put on a face. Smith’s message to us, is love ourselves because there is nobody else like who we are. Finally the final track to end the EP is, “Beautiful Distractions” which unfortunately is the one track I can’t relate too because I haven’t experienced that yet but doesn’t mean you haven’t. Beautiful Distractions from what I can figure out is Smith at one time had someone he cared about and loved but was a distraction in some sense. Not entirely a bad thing but nonetheless look at him now. Dude is on fire. I actually love rappers from the South as much as from the West. This is one rapper that should be on everybody’s playlist because he is that deep and the way he raps is almost similar to J. Cole. Zane Smith keep up the good work bro. Thank you for your music. One love.

“The Shida Army General”, The Amazon Canary


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