The Storm Out – DemarcoTheMan x WANDER (Single)

DemarcoTheMan’s third single titled “The Storm Out” really wrapped up this interesting string of singles he launched onto his site. Produced again by WANDER “The Storm Out” feels more like a poem then the other two tracks, it appears that Demarco is involving us into his mind more by speaking on mental issues he is confused with while also expressing smooth wordplay at the beginning that has the strange pop artist making me seek more. Production flips during the halfway point along with the lyrical tone, Demarco and WANDER are great at these transitions that make one song feel like two different stories. Adrian Ridgway made another dope cover, this time I had a more metal or grunge vibe from it. Dope work from all three of these talented brothers, please show love as we cover more from them down the road.


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