Freakshow! II – IcyDaRabbit (Review)

UK born artist IcyDaRabbit released his latest album “Freakshow! II” on December 3rd, 2020. The underground artist has built quite a resume with his discography, this is a follow up to his 2019 album “Freakshow!” with nearly double the tracks. Now I covered a fellow label mate of his, IAMLBMUSIC and Big Finny a while back which lead to Icy contacting us. Now “Freakshow! II” had a nice combination of creativity and character. But why not just discuss why, this is “Freakshow! II” by IcyDaRabbit.

We start off with “The Show Must Go On (Intro)” with a character called Wumpy Wumper who tries to interview the young rapper before he must go on stage. “Mannequin” was a nice start to the album, lyrically the track talks about his demons while diving into his more personal side. I dug the production, it had a nice pop-lofi feel to it. “Animals & Cannibals” features Styli who takes the track by the neck with Icy, the flow is faster with a more aggressive beat that leads into the name, these two become barbaric on the track. “Love Myself” is all about changing your mindset of seeking approval from someone, being able to wake up and say “I love myself.” The track features Nicole Carino who provides solid vocals, really switches up the theme. Do you know the definition of insanity? Well “Why So Serious?” brings some Joker type energy as IcyDaRabbit brings a nice flow/delivery to a jazz-rap style beat, his lyrics are more for wordsmanship as this felt to be lyrically madness. “Write and Cry (Interlude)” gives us another glimpse into the artist mind as he was creating “Freakshow! II.” Track 7 titled “Cotton Candy Clouds” features Roach who helps providing a melody to this sorrowful song, the track feels as if you’re in purgatory, flying away from your physical form while seeing the world below. “Too Much” is a party anthem, Big Finny and IAMLBMUSIC accompany Rabbit all talking about how rough 2020 was but try to bring the bright side out of the shadows. I’ve gotten lost in some “Pretty Eyes” which is our next song, with a grunge-lofi production IcyDaRabbit spills a romantic story over the coarse of 3 minutes with solid wordplay and aggressive flow. “Irreplaceable” features CG5 who brings some top notch vocals, just to state it now I really loved this brothers voice, never heard of him until now but loved his time on the track. Lyrics revolve around trying to fill a hole caused by someone deeply loved, they may have been lost but we all have someone you just couldn’t replace, always that true love and wonder.

“Worlds Away” features W4RP is a love story like Romeo and Juliet, the song is a cover of Lil Peep’s song of the same name from “Hellboy.” “The Pale Blue Do” is a skit track to help break up this 19 track album, talking about astronomy, the skit reminds you how little we are in this universe. W4RP is back along with Hoodie Trash to provide features on “Our Quarantine.” The lyrics speak on each artist experiences during COVID-19, the hardships and loneliness that has come with it. “No Zero, But Hero” is a motivational track, something to give you a jolt of energy. The track just has spirit man, this is a hype track that was a great spice to the pot. Hope you know your Chinese calendar cause “Year of the Rabbit” reminds you that no matter what everyday you live is a day to be great. Dope trap beat, solid lyrics, this is another good conclusion track. “Problem?” keeps that aggressive trap vibe going, I like this portion of the album as it feels Rabbit has gotten a boost in confidence with himself. “Chasing Ghosts” features W4RP one last time, this due spend the track making references to Stephen King while bringing back grimier lyrics, this track has at least an inch of rust on it with how nasty it was, solid work. Track 18 titled “Advice” helps bring closure too this personal project, after this song comes a outro so this will be our final song but I couldn’t complain. The single simple sees Rabbit expression painful truths that many can’t hence why it was titled “Advice” for many people seek help but won’t admit to their demons. “Run Away Murder” had a Slim Shady vibe, man I felt like this brother really nailed his skits cause this overall story of a character battling himself and the world wrapped up perfectly with one final getaway.

Overall this is a solid album, I really enjoyed the concept. IcyDaRabbit really does a great job with storytelling, I think he had a good album to conclude 2020 with. My favorite songs would be “Animals & Cannibals”, “Cotton Candy Clouds” and “Irreplaceable.” All three had some amazing production, “Animals & Cannibals” has a great flow/delivery while “the other two songs have amazing storytelling. Show all these amazing artist some love, many of them are under The Orange Hood Association. One love to IcyDaRabbit for contacting us, make sure again to spread love with a giant hug.

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