One Too – Think 2wice x Per-C Wells (Review)

Oregon based rapper Think 2wice teamed up with Per-C Wells to release a new EP titled “One Too” on December 23rd, 2020. The EP is only 3 tracks long, fully produced by Wells with 2wice and Wells both adding on the lyrics. I had to show this brother some love, so let’s just cut into the cake, this is “One Too.” The EP starts off with the self-titled track, “One Too” has a very mellow beat with sincere lyrics that talk about life, self healing while trying to make something out of a lost situation. The track is for all my 9-5 homies seeking more in life. “Thinking 2 Myself” is a self-reflective song where Think 2wice raps about finding a purpose in life while numbing himself with the highs of life, if you ever had self-doubt or clouded vision then this song hits harder. The beat loops real well with “One Too,” you almost don’t notice this track starts if you’re just listening. “Death Grip” had the most distinctive beat, I liked the introduction that queued it until the bars started. The lyrics revolve around the vices of life, possessions or people who have held you down like a ball and chain, this track has a different pace, flow, sound, this is different which is why I really enjoyed the track. Overall call 911, the roof is on fire from the 3 track might of “One Too.” If you wanna support the underground share this, show love and peep both artist discographies for more.


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