Say His Name: The Tragic Lose of Kevin Peterson Jr

Image shot by Jake Thompson

I’d like to start this off with some positivity as any post normally does but the grime reality of this post is to serve as a beam of hope that we will have reform in the police. On Thursday night, October 29th 21 year old Kevin Peterson Jr, father of a newly born daughter, was shot and killed by Clark County Sheriffs after multiple shots were fired at Kevin. Peterson was reported being chased and fired his firearm at police which was the justification for them to fire multiple shots into Kevin but witness testimonies claim otherwise, saying Peterson never had a chance to use his firearm while running for his life since as we know in this current state of America being black is walking around with a giant bullseye. What makes this situation worse is that Peterson’s parents were not allowed to identified their son, his body was left on the floor from this unjust, cold blooded murder for 12 hours before being identified or moved. So far Clark County has responded by giving administrative leave to the three deputies involved but that just isn’t enough, three officers shot a human, a father who just brought life into this world with no cause or just reason. My only question is when does it end? When is the ownership gonna happen, when will the police apologize for ruining the lives of may while only dividing the community. When will we reform, rebuild and retrain our “peace keepers” so that we will not have to keep sadly adding names to this list of death all caused by our military style police. We at The Musical Hippie extend our condolences to Kevin Peterson Jr’s family, wife, child and friends while also hoping sharing his story will help shed light on the truth. If you want to do more we have linked his official GoFundMe, you can also help by sharing his story to spread awareness of the situation as it unfolds. Remember we ain’t the news, we’re a group of people focused on reality and truth, you may not like what we post but we are here to bring the real story.

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