Strawberries – Grady (Review)

Grady released a brand new EP titled “September” on September 15th, 2020. The 5 track project brings a very mellow aurora that sets a soothing experience in motion. Clocking in at around 9 minutes this will be a short review for a project that leaves a lasting impression, here our my thoughts on “Strawberries” by Grady.

We begin with the self-titled track “Strawberries” which has a mixture of vaperwave and lofi-rap. I enjoyed the experimental idea at combining both styles which create a colorful new mixture. “In The Meantime” has a more rock stylized sound, still keeping the lofi hip-hop theme this track feels close to home. The beauty of this EP is that there is no words, only instruments leading you to paint the story which for me feels like someone running away from the past as they slowly change themselves for a better future. “Mo Better Blues” is our third track which by style is the closest track by sound to a Dilla joint. I enjoyed the beat heavy, bobbing my head like a fish in water, I swam deep in this tracks melody. Track four titled “Habits” feels repetitive, as if to say a constant relapse into your issues. It has a darker tone, as if you’re battling to stay afloat during times that many may sink in. “How Things Are” is a great conclusion, tying the track together like a bow as if we lived through the perspective of Grady growing, evolving as both a person but also an artist. It gets bonus points for looping with the track one very well.

Overall this is a banger, I absolutely loved how Grady orchestrated this EP together. I have to say my favorite track was “Mo Better Blues” which had the best production in my opinion, I would personally say this had Dilla’s spirit infused into it. If you don’t follow Grady you must after this EP, show him some love for this project, I hope to hear more soon.


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