Wrestling with the Canary: AEW All Out (Sports)

Welcome to yours truly, The Canary or in other circles, The Oracle of the Amazon’s wrestling review. Making history in the history of The Musical Hippie, I have the honor of posting the very first post in a new corner of this page. Today I will talk about AEW’s PPV, All Out 2020. A little bit about me, I am a wrestling nerd that will keep you updated on the going on’s in the world of wrestling.

All Out started off with an okay pre-show that was haphazardly thrown together. Despite the circumstances, the talent did their best and delivered a fairly decent match. Couldn’t be said for the main show. Kicking things off on All Out was a cinematic match between Dr Britt Baker vs Big Swole. Despite the talent in this match, this match was a stinker. Then again since when are these matches any good. I take that back, the Boneyard match at WrestleMania was the best. Overall, this match did not bode well for these 2 who are definitely the future in the AEW Women’s division. Next up was one of three tag team matches. Young Bucks vs Jurassic Express. The thing about these teams, they’re mega talented but they’re nothing more than spot monkeys, which in wrestling terms, do things to shock and awe you. Despite all that, this match was a fairly decent match but I can’t buy the Young Bucks as a heel team. They need to tone down if they want to be decent heels. Overall the match was a nice change after the horrible cinematic match. The next match was a Battle Royale which if you watched WWE, it’s like the Royal Rumble. I’m not going to talk much about it. It was an okay match and we’ll leave it at that. The main thing was at least the right person won the match and his name is Lance Archer. Now to the second worse part of this PPV and that was Matt Hardy vs “The Spanish GodSammy Guevara. This match had promise but something happened that should’ve just completely ended the match but it didn’t. Matt Hardy took a nasty fall and even gave him a concussion but yet they paused the match but only to continue it. Haven’t we learned anything about concussions? That’s why the NFL and WWE have concussion protocols for this reason. AEW needs to do the same. This match sucked the life out of the show. End of the first hour.

Next match that continues the PPV set the tone for the rest of the show. This match was a cross promotion match between NWA and AEW. The women’s champions of these 2 shows met for the first time and it didn’t disappoint. Not going to lie I’m a little biased because one, I have a crush on one of them and two, I am a fan of her as well. So with that out of the way, Thunder Rosa and “The Shining Samurai” aka “The Joshi Queen” Hikaru Shida, was definitely the highlight of the night. Both of these women are hard hitters and boy did they deliver. Rosa literally dominated my girl for most of this match and even had me worried that my Queen was going to lose her title but she prevailed in the end. One shot of her “Tomashii” finisher, which is Japanese for soul, “The Joshi Queen” retained. This match was definitely the adrenaline shot this show needed due to the previous match. Now unfortunately the next match to follow had a huge task to outdo the Women’s match but unfortunately didn’t deliver. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t bad and the right team won but the match was lacking a certain moment that could’ve made the match. But it didn’t and so The Dark Order lost to the Nightmare Family and friends. Now for the final match of this hour and leads into the next hour, we go to the third tag match of the night and it was for the AEW Tag Team Championship. FTR formerly known as the Revival in WWE vs Page and Omega who were the current champs. This match was clearly the match of the night. It had great storytelling which is rare these days in wrestling. The only downside to it was it did go a little too long but that’s alright though, it did the job and really elevated both teams but more importantly advanced the story-line between Omega and Page. Tag team wrestling at its finest here. FTR prevailed and became the new champs.

Now to the final part of the show, a gimmick match known as Mimosa Mayhem between Le Champion Chris Jericho vs Orange Cassidy. I can’t stand that guy and unfortunately he won and that’s the end of that. Match was okay but at this point the show has went on for a little too long and you can see it in the crowd. Only highlight was actually hearing the crowd sing Jericho’s entrance theme which is one of his bands best songs. Finally on to the last match. The AEW Championship. Champion Jon Moxley the former Dean Ambrose in WWE vs MJF. This match was really good and solidified MJF as the future of the company. He fell short but that’s alright. He’s young and will bounce back easily. Sense big things from him and if AEW is smart, keep running with this guy. This guy is gold. With that being said, this is yours truly, The Canary with your wrestling review, later.


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