New Heights – IAMLBMUSIC (Reviews)

UK artist IAMLBMUSIC (iamlbmusic) released his fourth album “New Heights” on July 31st, 2020. Now this brother hit my line after our review for Big Finny which brought us to this sponsored review of his album. Now I show a lot of love for my extended family located in the UK so it is always nice to help out the culture that booms out there. So let me cut to the chase, this is “New Heights” by IAMLBMUSIC.

“Time go to Fast” is our intro too the album, a slow beat with some modified voices begin the track. As the beat starts to flow IAMLBMUSIC starts rapping about how no matter what we do it doesn’t matter due to life being so short for some, but in the flip of that he also expresses the importance of living life too the fullest. The self-titled track “New Heights” talks about reaching goals, breaking down walls while still staying humble to the game. You ever felt on top of the game, just on your shit, well “Can’t Lose” is all about the build up to that mood with the enjoyment of reach said level. Track 4 titled “Beyond Belief” talks about surpassing his expectations as a underground artist, with a trap beat this track was solid but needed a little fine toning to the flow/delivery. “Too Many Times” is a R&B/trap track where we are reminded about all those times we’ve been burnt, hurt or just left in the dark because of someone or something. Dope track, vibed with this one fully. “I rise I return” features Tyre$$e x (tyresse_x_the_official) who lyrically focus on the grind, the ugly grimy side of it while speaking on the focus of rising to a higher place once the grind is met. “Dead or Alive” has a West Coast rap feel to it, I liked the drum kit introduction hat also uses pianos in the background. Lyrics focus on hustling until you’re spiritually alive or physically dead. Dope track, was a stand out for me. Track 8 titled “All Of the Time” features Hoodie Trash (hoodietrash_) on this romantic rap track. Lyrics focus on missing someone who keeps running both ways across your mind, someone you’ve obsessed yourself with where you just can’t heal or feel healthy without them.

“Raising the Level” features IcyDaRabbit (icydarabbit) who is the co-founder of The Orange Hood Association Label which IAMLBMUSIC is signed too. The song is all about just upping your game, very straight forward. 2k Tsunamii joins tags in for “Never Back Down” which sees him along with IAMLBMUSIC rap about going against the current, pushing back to make their own mark in this competitive game. “I know I know” is the catchy song on the album, with a focus on all those repetitive reminders of being a artist while expressing his hustle I really enjoyed this track. 2k is back on the track as “We rising up” focuses on the topic of reaching the peak of their goals and beyond, solid song. “Burst Through” is perfect for the Kool-Aid! Man as IAMLBMUSIC raps about forcing his way into your playlist through fast bars, trap beat and solid flow/delivery. “Kill a Hater” has 2k and IAMLBMUSIC both talking about the acts they’d commit on a hating ass clown, the song is simole but comedic helping break up the overall tone of the album. “Undefeated” is our second to last song, featuring Tbz Silent, the song focuses on hyping you to rise above your downfalls, to never stay in the mud when you can rise like the sun. The final track, “Falling” almost seems to well named to conclude this LP. “Falling” is a combination of what we’ve heard lyrically but put over smooth, lofi like beat. 

Overall this was a solid album in my humble opinion. The production is a standout, with a good blend of different styles no track production wise sounded similar. Lyrically there is work to be had as some songs felt identical but it didn’t bother me fully. I’d say the standout track for me was “Dead or Alive”, really enjoyed that track above the rest and can see myself adding that to my playlist. But leave your thoughts on this album, make sure that if you dig this to show love by following IAMLBMUSIC on his Instagram found next to his name. I am The Musical Hippie and these are my thoughts on “New Heights” by IAMLBMUSIC.


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