Suburban Dreams – Big Finny (Reviews)

Massachusetts artist Big Finny (big.finny) released his newest album “Suburban Dreams” on July 30th, 2020. Now this brother has been blowing up my line to review this album for a minute so it comes with pleasure to say I quite enjoyed this album, this had a nice mix of trap with club vibes. But please, don’t take my word for it, why not pop in this tape while you read my thoughts on “Suburban Dreams” by Big Finny.

The album starts off with “So Bad”, a tropical trap track where Finny raps about self-love while not letting the bad times be your only time. Dope track, production slaps. This ain’t Big Pun, this Big Finny flipping a classic into his own. A sample from Big Pun’s “Still Not a Player” as it lead into a more modern trap song where Big Finny raps similar verses about not being a player but still liking to bust a nut. Solid cover, good flow/delivery. “MF Livin’, Pt. 2” has twisted, boom bap like lyrics while the lyrically focus is on living life, this is that feeling myself type music. “Back in the Woods” is a certified slapper, enough bass to knock boots. Featuring Tyre$$e x (tyresse_x_the_official), Jdot and Genuine who all rap with passion about kicking it, having a good time while just enjoying life, great track ya’ll. “I’m a Fiend” is the fifth title in this LP which had some Rod Wave vibes for me. Lyrically the track focuses on the street life Finny is involved with while not handing out love for saps.

“As a Friend” sees Tyre$$e x back as the duo rap about trying to escape the friend zone while they enjoy luxuries acquired by staying on their own lane. The song also covers the nasty side of love, cheating and gold diggers mainly. ‘Bucket of Blood” has a rage vibe, more aggression in the beat, lyrics and vibe. Tyre$$e is back again with both of these guys just dropping some horror/gore style bars. Solid track, nice mix up. “Shaking Hands” is all about that business, if we ain’t talking M’s then the discussion is over. We also see the typical trap lyrics in this solid track. “I’m Single” don’t need much explaining, Finny raps about how the solo dolo lifestyle is while also shedding light on how positive being on your own can be. “To the Top” is the final track on the album, featuring Tyre$$e x and Izzey the single lyrically focuses on grinding to reach the top, achieving your goals by any means necessary.

Overall this was a solid project, for me I was more a fan of the production then lyrics but the album has replay value. I didn’t really have a favorite track, I enjoyed them all pretty fairly. My best piece of advice for Big Finny is to work on his flow/delivery which for many tracks felt off to me, but his production was high quality. If you enjoyed this album leave your thoughts, show some love to Finny, I am The Musical Hippie and these are my thoughts on “Suburban Dreams” by Big Finny.


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