Paradise! – Jimmy Golden x Acr0bat (Single)

Born 12/12 in Tampa, Florida, Jimmy Golden (jabba12k) teamed up with Chicago producer Acr0bat (acr0bat1) to release a new single on August 9th, 2020. “Paradise!” has a trippy beat with more funk in the trunk then Earthworm Jim, that made no sense I’m sure but that’s how I felt trying to figure out how these two made a accordion sound good while Earl Sweatshirt couldn’t. The lyrics see Jimmy rap about how he is enjoying life’s luxuries while also talking about his mission/grind that got him there. The beat as I mentioned sounds like it used a accordion or some sorta pipes, maybe an organ but I really dug it, has a Earl vibe from his “Some Rap Songs” phase. Overall dope work, show these two some love if you dig this.

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