Laugh Now Cry Later – Drake x Lil Durk (Music Video)

Drake teamed up with Lil Durk to release a new single/music video titled “Laugh Now Cry Later” on August 13th, 2020. First things first I gotta just say Drake has some of the best visuals in the game, ya’ll wanna clown on him for the ghostwriters but give my man some props for the money/effort he be putting into these music videos, that’s all. The songs energetic vibe sees Drake & Durk rap about enjoying life in the moment while later reflecting on the issues caused from the enjoyment. The music video also has cameos from Browns WR OBJ, “Beast Mode” Marshawn Lynch, Kevin Durant along with a nod to LeBron James. Production was fire, the beat slaps on a system. Overall solid song, I dig this track.


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