Scary Place – Odd Squad Family x Sincerely Collins x The Kaleidoscope Kid (Music Video)

Phoenix, AZ trio Odd Squad Family (oddsquadfamily) teamed up with fellow AZ artist Sincerely Collins (sincerelycollins) and The Kaleidoscope Kid (thekaleidoscopekid) released a new single/music video on August 7th, 2020. “Scary Places” starts off with Collins who has a wonderful voice that smoothly sets the tone for this tracks theme which revolves around each artist fears. Being a black man in America Collins pens down the struggles he sees happening around the world while sincerely signing off with a great verse. Snow of OSF raps about his own personal life, the effects of COVID-19 and being a leader while his fellow member Nubs raps about how his children saved him, ICE and his own life as well. The Kaleidoscope Kid has a great verse with a lot of clever wordplay that covers around the same themes or ideas already written. Finally A-Factor of OSF performs his verse which was solid as well, I enjoyed his voice along with his flow/delivery, he also had a theme I dig which is the love only given when you have passed. The production was great, I really enjoyed the acoustic rap beat which plays well to the entire melody of this track. Show love to everyone of these amazing artist, spread that shit like PB & J.

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