Eating Like a King: My Experience at Vida Vegan Co. (Reviews)

After a slow work day The Musical Hippie along with The Oracle took a trip to 4530 Stine Rd, Bakersfield, CA to enjoy what some may never truly understand at Vida Vegan Co (vidaveganco). From what I can uncover Vida Vegan has been around since 2018, serving all-natural food & drinks that bring a healthy option too the community. This was my first time ever here but I enjoyed it so much I had to post a review, so here is my experience at Vida Vegan Co.


When I entered the outside dining area I was amazed by the calm, homey nature that I felt as the entire patio had nothing but natural coloring which looked beautiful with a dark, hazy night arriving. When I entered the main building I was met with a coffee shop vibe, I enjoyed the entire appearance of the store. The staff was also very welcoming, all of them having vibrant joy while I asked my first time questions. I even made it onto the Vida Vegan Instagram not once but twice in only my first visit which was great.

The Food

I had ordered a BBQ Chick’N sandwich with crispy seitan, house-made onion rings, BBQ sauce, chopped lettuce, tomatoes, red onion, pickles & house ranch along with chili fries which cost $14 while Oracle ordered a Gorilla Burger accompanied by Garlic cheese fries which came out to $18. For our beverages we ordered some fresh orange juice ($5), homemade kombucha ($7), horchata latte ($5.50) and two Mudslide smoothies ($8). Now I myself have been a vegan for years but Oracle is just getting into it, The Oracles face was that of a man who witnessed god himself. I enjoyed my BBQ sandwich while the chili fries filled my belly with joy, I was overtaken by how delicious the Mudslide was along with my two juices. The cherry on top for me was I wanted to leave with a fresh baked doughnut but I had learned that due to us both ordering a Mudslide we got a free doughnut which was amazing because I had already planned on leaving with one. All I know is this food was amazing, I couldn’t help but leave with a smile on my face. I started my Thursday morning enjoying that doughnut, a peanut butter chocolate delight, I had a great boost to my day just because of it.


Overall my experience was wonderful, I have to strongly recommend this spot if you ever have the time too, they currently have their outside dining available plus delivery/pickup but above al the prices are phenomenal along with the service. I hope this helps in any way but I must say I will be back for more.

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