Remember Me – Ronnie Rage (Music Video)

Illinois based artist Ronnie Rage (ronniexrage) released a new music video for his song “Remember Me” on July 28th, 2020. Now I was interested in this brother for his vocals which have a pop-rap blend to them, but as we dove into the rabbit hole I found a very creative individual at the end. “Remember Me” lyrically acts as a confidence boost from this young artist showing how everything he has done will keep his legacy alive, anything he did shall be remembered through others. The video production handled by X Ray Productions (xrayprod), AJ Media (ajmedia) and Dylan (goood.dylan) was dope, a lot of great visual effects along with a unique setting. Overall really dope track/music video, make sure to show all these tagged pages some love along with Ronnie Rage.


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