Days – RCA (Single)

Bay Area artist RCA ( released his first single from his upcoming album “RELATIONSHIPS” on August 11th, 2020. “Days” is a very mellow 80’s/90’s R&B styled lofi track that focuses on the good or bad days of being with the love of your life, RCA told me that “Days is the last song on the album, but the first song to be written thus setting the tone for the concept and overall aesthetic of the album; As the finale for the album, it sets up the cliffhanger of what can be many couple’s last conversations before making one of the realest and impactful decisions in their time together.” He also informed me that “RELATIONSHIPS is 12 track instrumental R&B/hip-hop album recounting the 10 years RCA and his girlfriend have been together; Borrowing from 80s/90s R&B, vaporwave, and psychedelic rock.” The sound is hit spot on, I really enjoy this track which had me laying back picturing a starry night as I sunk into my chair ready to write only the best for my 408 brother, this track is a banger that has me only hungry for more. If you’re like me with these munchies why don’t you get some water to cool off while showing RCA some love, peep his other work with First Cousin (firstcousinsmusic) along with his solo discography.


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