Keep Up – Sam RucKus (Single)

Turlock/San Jose based artist Sam RucKus (samruckusmusic) released a new single on August 3rd, 2020. “Keep Up” lyrically tells a story about trying to not fall behind in life, striving to reach your goals or at the very least stay in the lane you’re trying to pave for yourself. The first half of the song talks about Sam’s personal trials that had him wishing he could keep up in life. The second verse is RucKus rising to overcome the obstacles in his way, his sacrifices to achieve his set goals, to keep up with life. The final verse is enjoying the pace while spreading it to others, but also explaining the issues that do come with being ahead of the game. The production on this song is dope, I really enjoyed the melodies along with the soothing chorus. Overall dope track, show my man Sam RucKus some love, peace to the 408.


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