Goombap – Maintain (Single)

Yuma, AZ group Maintain (maintainmusicgroup) released a new single on July 13th, 2020. Maintain is a group formed in AZ by King Razz (king_razz__) and Slay 1 (slay1official) with additional members including Thai Stix (thaistix82), Prophet (prophet_mmg) & Structure (cainepaloneyabish_structure). “Goombap” starts off with King who brings a slow, 90’s East Coast vibe with his flow/delivery, I dug the vibe he brings with his voice that has a grittiness to it. Second verse is handled by Slay 1 as he continues that East Coast flare while handing out bars in a consistent fashion. Thai Stix I believe is the third verse which is the most aggressive in style, I liked the switch up in tone which helped roll into the fourth verse from Structure which also had a nice flow/delivery packed too the tip with bars. Prophet would conclude the track with a good flow/delivery that kept the song consistent like well made sauce. The production was handled by Stu Bangas (stu_bangas) who did a great job at bringing the boom in boom bap rap. Overall dope work, if you want more follow these respected artist on their Instagram’s found by their names.


2 thoughts on “Goombap – Maintain (Single)

  1. King Razz, Slay 1,Thai Stix,Structure and Prophet thats the order on Goombap


    1. Oh bet, thank you brother gonna readjust that right now


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