Space Dust Lightnin – Son of a Tyrant (Single)

Austin, Texas duo Son of a Tyrant (Sons_of_a_Tyrant) released a new single on July 17th, 2020. Before we talk about “Space Dust Lightnin” lets break down this Texas duo, Nico Leophonte ( is from South of France while Johnny Moeller (johnnymoeller) is from Northern Texas, both moving to Austin in the 90’s. So with some basic info out the way let me just tell you that “Space Dust Lightnin” is a rift filled track that would bring a tear too Ted Nugent’s eye. I really enjoyed this instrument focused track, where both of these artist rock their souls out, you can hear the love, passion put into each cord on their respected guitars. Overall dope work, show these brothers some love ya’ll.


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