Woof – Sen Morimoto (Music Video)

Chicago artist Sen Morimoto (sen_morimoto) released a music video for his single “Woof” on July 15th, 2020. “Woof” has a nice, uptown beat too it as Sen Morimoto sings over a variety of drums, strings and trippy sound effects. On the surface this song starts off sounding like Sen is gonna sing about his dog but as we dive deeper into the ocean of narratives I discovered a story of heartbreak. The single seems to be more or less like you’re playing hard to catch with a crush, like chasing a dog it feels impossible once they get that first lap in but eventually you snatch them. Now that’s just me trying to make this deeper, for all I know I am fully wrong but that’s the story I was writing in my mind. Visuals handled by NEW TRASH (newtrashcrew) look amazing, lots of life in each frame. Overall dope track, if you want more Sen has a self-titled LP dropping October 23rd, 2020 that I linked below, just hit the button to be taken there, show my man some love.


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