Flower Crown, Head Eater – Juno’s Rocket (Review)

Fontana, CA based artist Juno’s Rocket (junosrocket) released his debut album “Flower Crown, Head Eater” on July 10th, 2020. Now I’ve covered this brother a few times now, he is one of the most creative cats coming out of my stomping grounds of the Bay Area. I’ve always enjoyed what this brother brings too the table, especially on production where he really finds a way to switch up at a moments notice. Now without anymore delay, this is “Flower Crown, Head Eater” by Juno’s Rocket.

“Forty Below” starts he album, a very harmonious song where Juno sings about losing yourself deep in misfortunes. Spreading your fictional wings, Rocket’s blast off with a fueled verse that speaks on his struggles as his will helps him rise above the demons clawing at his soul. One-half of the LPs titled, “Head Eater” starts of slow, building up this beat with a mellow chorus that sees Juno rap about a broken soul, the chorus is what really controls the entire song but this track is just soothing. “Loud Televisions” takes a more poetic approach, the beat is more settled, a background to the stage that Juno stands center on. As Rocket starts we get in touch with a side more personal, from the death of his grandfather to handling depression I felt a deeper connection with this track. Each verse is a story of life, no better then the other because in life we all go through a dark patch which Juno covers in this track, really enjoyed this overall. Track 4 titled “Lost” is for all the homies who couldn’t figure out their situation or selves. Juno’s flow/delivery was mellow, more aggressive then the previous entries but this songs lyrically theme covers the issue of self-discovery while finding peace. “Arrowhead (Hold Me Tight)” reminds me a lot of Mac Miller man, this is honestly a song that nearly brings me too tears. You ever just get high or drunk to forget shit, to just live in fantasy or your past, where you’re happy? Well the name fits the sharp edge of a steel arrowhead piercing through your chest, the futuristic, 808-dance music consumes the entire song which helps get the energy going. “How Do We Move on ?” has a more ukulele based beat that takes off rapidly, Juno talks about the hardship of moving forward in life whether that be a broken heart or when you lose your dream career. The song has tons of layers that I may ask my boy if he is a ogre in disguise. Liar, liar, track 7 titled “Pants on Fire” is for all those scheming, no good females or former homies who fronted when all we asked was for some honesty. I dug this beat, more experimental then the rest as Juno’s lyrics definitely feel directed at a former lover when he starts speaking on unborn children, dreams of a better life and this passive aggressive feeling in his voice. “I Don’t Need You Know” is a middle finger to the past, fuck those former memories or pains that changed us, turned us into either a better person or more shut away from society. I really fucked with this beat, from the angelic vocals that cry from inner emotions too the happy, go get them like nature in the beat, this was a banger.”Flower Clown” concludes the album, this has the most vicious track by lyrically stance. Juno really puts his bars on the table, asking you to challenge his flow but I think this was his best track lyrically.

Overall “Flower Crown, Head Eater” is a great debut album from this young, talented brother. Let me say this is one of the most creative, well produced LP’s I’ve heard all year. Each beat had its own charm, own story, no one song was the same which is what I look for in a album. Lyrically Juno took a more poem like style, he also implicated singing into it, the album was more like “IGOR” by Tyler, the Creator because while Juno is a rapper this is not your ordinary rap album. My favorite tracks would be “Lost”, “How Do We Move on ?” and “I Don’t Need You Now.” All three of these songs had some of the best storytelling along with my favorite beats from the whole album. If you haven’t already make sure to follow my man, show him tons of love. I am The Musical Hippie and these are my thoughts on “Flower Crown, Head Eater” by Juno’s Rocket.

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