No Compromise – Treis & Friends x Amaria (Single)

Florida based suburban-funk band Treis & Friends (treisandfriends) released a brand new single titled “No Compromise” on July 24th, 2020. The band is lead by Treis Alexander (treis_alexander) on vocals with Alex Canon (alexcanon) on bass/creative and Rafael C. (okayraf) on drums. Now as stated these artist are a suburban-funk band, their sound/rhythm reminded me a lot of Free Nationals, that real groovy soulful music. The lyrically themes cover having that partner or point in life where it was make or break, this story takes place at a party of sorts. You’re drinking, maybe smoking some herb but all of a sudden you get crashed by a wave of doubts, wondering if you’re really having a good time as are the others voices that crash in your mind. Now this is what I got, I tend to be a bit on my own plain of existence when I write to put a meaning or explain my thoughts on a song but I really felt a underlying issue of identity, trying to free yourself or become better in this tracks lyrics. Production was also amazing, the vocal assistance from the talented Amaria (amariamcgee) was well done, loved her inclusion on this track. Overall this is some blue flame, make sure to show some love to all these talented acts.


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