A Sample from Ya Curly Haired Angel

Angel, owner of Oakland based fashion brand Ya Curly Haired Angel (yacurlyhairedangel) gave us a exclusive look at his upcoming clothing drop with some sexy sample pieces. We are gonna cover each category of items as a whole, breaking down the design and if I’d rock it. This drop happens soon, no set date but be ready when it does, the merch flies.


So we have two main designs from Angel, a heart which is formed by the companies name and “Find Your Wings” which reminds me of my boy Tyler, the Creator. Now both these designs are dope, the curvy font used for the heart design is dope, wrapping itself up perfectly to form the heart like a blossom. “Find Your Wings” is a smooth design, really flows well. The front has their matching designs smaller, located up on the left pectoral area.


The jacket-wear is the same designs, both hoodies come in black or red. Printed on with the same design on the front left side, I really enjoy how the colors pop on the hoodie. There is only one button up jacket with the brands name as the main logo. The two jackets sport the same look but are button up, really dope looking.


The final road on this fashion path is my favorite area of wardrobe. The dad hats/beanies are all embroidered, sporting only the brands name with that lovely heart forming around your temple. The colors pop real good on the head-wear, this would be my ultimate cop over anything.

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