Solstice 2 – Amias (Review)

Texas based artist Amias (lil.amias) released a new EP titled “Solstice 2”, a follow up to his first EP of the same name that released on February 7th, 2020. First gotta give a shoutout to the homie Rolll (hiiirolll) who gave me the exclusives on this, show him some love one time. Now Amias self-produced the entire EP and only had one guest feature on track 5 titled “Birthday” which is impressive to say the least. So I’ve played this tape a few times, gotta say I am excited to discuss it so lets crack open a cold one, this is “Solstice 2” by Amias.

“2 Racks” starts off this 6 track EP where Amias raps about trap like themes with a autotune over his voice. Now I really dug this brothers production, it had a blend of trap with more pop elements into it. Lyrically solid song, overall good track to start off with. “New Toyota” shes Amias rap about what is on his mind, from problems with his shorty & homies while talking about his increase in funds while growing in the rap game. I liked the production, it had a different sound which spiced up this Texas star. “Lost Love” is like XXXTENTACION meets Travis Scott, the songs lyrically theme is about drowning the thoughts or feelings you once had for a partner but in doing so you trip on your past memories. This song sold me on Amias, I really enjoyed the production, dude has a banger here. “15!” was the most unique sounding song, lasting a little over a minute the track takes us back to the eyes of a adolescent. Amias talks about his crush at 15 who he wanted to make a future with but fucked around too much costing him an unknown timeline. This was a dope track that transitioned wonderfully to track 5, “Birthday” which showcased the first and only feature from Damian (adamsymcox) on this EP. Amias raps about the disingenuous love shown on your special day while also speaking the importance of the real ones who didn’t get a Facebook pop-up about your birthday. Now there is a deeper narrative in this since it feels like a story about an ex’s birthday, we all have one we can’t forget no matter how hard we try. “Just Friends”, we’ve all heard those two dreadful words at some point. The final track of the EP has a Miami Vice vibe man, 80’s synth with pop like vocals wrap your brain in a soul train with Amias talking about his experience with those two words, how it hurt him and his position in life due too it. I really enjoyed it, a great conclusion to the EP.

Overall this is a solid EP, I see a lot of creativity within it that kept me replaying the album to fully digest the music. His production alone that he handled completely was amazing, no beat sounded the same while each track brought more diversity then the last. Lyrically the EP was solid as well, his flow/delivery changed multiple times to match the tone of each story driven track while never losing quality. My favorite tracks were “15!” and “Lost Love.” Both tracks had a great beat too them while telling a story that I related to in many ways. Go show my man some love ya’ll, again a huge shoutout to Rolll for giving me the exclusives on this, I am The Musical Hippie and these are my thoughts on “Solstice 2” by Amias.


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