PREACH – Bob Shelb x Tuck (Music Video)

Detroit, Michigan rapper Bob Shelb (bobshelb) teamed up with Tuck (officialtuck) to release “PREACH” on March 12th, 2020. Bob starts off this mellow track from the 313 with a solid verse, reminiscent of the Bay Area rap sound. His lyrics focused mainly about his rise from the ruble to bloom into more like the rose from the concrete. He preaches education while staying away from the streets as much as you can, in my eyes this is on that Nipsey Hu$$le invest into you and your community type shit, RIP to Nip. Tuck keeps that same narrative as he shows his side to the story. but with a viewpoint on how God helped him at first. Really dope verse from Tuck, liked this bar, “just trying to find myself; out chasing these hoes but I just was really playing myself.” Overall dope music, ya’ll should show love to these two funky brothers.


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