Pray More Say Less – D-Rock x Vincent Tesoro x Samantha White (Music Video)

Boston based rapper D-Rock (drockmusic_) and Vincent Tesoro (vincent_tesoro) dropped a new music video for their single (Pray More Say Less” on July 3rd, 2020. D-Rock starts of the song with a accent strong like his flow/delivery that sees him preach about putting in faith while saying less. Vincent follows afterwards with a even better flow/delivery that follows the same beats as D-Rock but I liked his wordplay more, his intensity matched the beat on point. Samantha White (sam_iam2000) makes a guest feature on the track, adding a spice with more speed on her verse then I expected. The video was shot by Mr. Fugi (mr.fugi) with a ton of great angles, I liked it along with the songs production. Show love to all of these artist involved in this track for me.


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