Reminsce Over You – MISE en PLACE (Single)

Stockton/Las Vegas duo MISE en PLACE (mepmusique) dropped a new single on July 5th, 2020. The duo is made up of Stockton, CA rapper Jodye Jo (jodyebabyboy) and Las Vegas, NV producer Skylo (beatsbyskylo). The single takes style of Pete Rock ad CL Smooth’s classic of a similar name but where Jodye and Skylo switch it up is in storytelling, Jo spends the beginning talking about the roots of Hip-Hop in references while telling his origins in this world. The second verse focuses on growth, rising up in his community while showing us where Jo is. I absolutely loved this tracks production, handled by Skylo but mixed/mastered by Ypthecultleader (unseenasylum) this shit was smooth ya’ll. Show these brothers some love for me one time.


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