lil jeep/nineteen – Lil Peep (Music Video

Lil Peep’s estate released two music videos for his songs “lil jeep” and “nineteen” on June 25th, 2020. This comes after his tape “crybaby” was mastered and released on multiple

lil jeep – Lil Peep

“lil jeep” was just recently confirmed by Gus’s mother to be about his jealousy over Emma Harris along with his pain when spotting her with other boys. The music video features animated bits from 011001art (meatgraffiti) which look fantastic, I loved the mesh of reality with a twisted, digitally constructed side of Peep.

nineteen – Lil Peep

“nineteen” had Peep rapping about his life at 19 while also wanting to stay close to his former girlfriend. The music video was a compilation of concert performance to the lyrics.


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