Ultra ! – Bleached SUN (Review)

June 24th, 2020, I am baked to a crisp watching Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets while searching for the energy to write. Suddenly “Ultra !” by Bleached SUN, the Ranch Cucamonga, CA based trio’s music overtook, this beauty of an LP was released on April 10th, 2020. Now to give ya’ll some history, the trio was originally known as DLB (Dirty Litter Box) before becoming Bleached SUN, made up of Juno’s Rocket (junosrocket), Dylan Switzerland (dylanswitzerland) and JibTheCrane (jibthecrane). Now that we got through the basics I wanna dive into the chemistry, so let’s get into it. Here are my thoughts on “Ultra !” by Bleached SUN.

“Hold on to the Light” starts off the LP with Kanye West 808 vibes. This shit goes hard man, I really enjoyed the usage of autotune as we track builds up hype, this is definitely something I’d love to hear in a crowd at Camp Flog Gnaw 2025. “Miracle” follows afterwards, this has a more sci-fi mixed with disco production as all three of these brothers drop references with high energy to keep your attention. I really liked this track, production was very reminiscent of Simon Vertugo’s “T.O.T.N.” This song perfectly loops from track 1 to track 3 titled “Ultraviolet Radio by Jib.” Now this song has more focus on JibTheCrane, with him being the main artist on this techno-club mix. Bro this shit would go hard if I had a system, do you hear that bass, can’t fucking fake that. The lyrics which are sang/rapped through auto-tone revolve around love, that’s the main theme but it leaves it very open to make your own focus on what that love is about. Now at first the song is just a techno-club mix but when you get to that last minute this shit is intense like a horror movie, I dig it! “Ultranight” follows afterwards, this tracks lyrically focus seems to be on a girl, yours mainly as you give her all your attention, you sink in love as you’d give her your all to keep her happy. This seems to be a reminder that money can’t replace the feeling of love and happiness, for that is a level of enjoyment no one can buy. “With You” sounds straight off “The Life Of Pablo”, the songs production slowly plays itself out to my ears as it rises then crashes in a peaceful atmosphere of drums and snares. Lyrics from how I felt revolve around staying a float because of the support from a loyalist, whether that be a lover or friend is left for interpretation but this is what i was feeling. I really fucking loved this production yo, on Timbs.

“Induced” stayed true to the name, high energy fills my surroundings as ABDXL (oh_abdxl) is our first feature artist to this trippy track. Honestly being that I am a mentally bricked this track had a whole other level too it while I am stoned. I loved the energetic production that flowed well with lyrics full of aggressive passion on not getting played by bitches as you take some medicine to enter a new void. But yooo, that beat switch at 2:43, y’all not ready for it, that’s a conclusion worthy of Avengers: Endgame. “Twenty Two Black” was the first song I ever heard from the LP, Juno sent me the album but I felt drawn too this track. The three take turns poetically speak on being Yung Men (yungmen4 – shoutout to the boys) but off that plug these African-Amerikkkan men speak on their perspectives of the world. They all are 22, hence the songs name but they all share stories of growing up while handling the struggles put against them, whether that be racial or personal. This was a beautiful song, the production was wonderful, reminded me a bit of “Glory” by Common and John Legend in tone. “Blossom” blooms from the roots of “Twenty Two Black” with full Kid Cudi pedals. This songs lyrics focus on growth towards your goals, never quitting for any reason. This is what I need cats who feel this ain’t there year to hear, these brothers bring bass, power and passion which helps keep your heart running to the beat of the drum like you’re Rocky Balboa. It also features work from Chase (chasethe_moneyy) who’s impact was well felt. “Love Me Up” is a autotuned 808 track which lyrically focuses on topics such as loving yourself, rising above your inner demons and living everyday to it’s fullest. Each member tells a story of love, some more grim while others hopeful, but each member focuses on how it effected them to help mold the person they are now. This was the most personal you’re gonna hear on this album, until “Outro by Simon Vertugo.” Now this is what concludes the album, a voice-over from San Jose artist Simon Vertugo (simonvertugo) who is friends of the group and has been making marks as well in The Bay. Simon tells the story of his travels from LA back to SJ, the triumphs of a artist as slowly other members of this friend group fill in with their own bits. This brought a tear to my eye, some of y’all may never understand how much I fuck with these guys, I ain’t even met em but they are beautiful souls all trying to do what I am, leave a mark in something you love.

Overall with quarantine still in effect this is a must for your isolation raves. I really love this album yo, I apologize for the delay but I take my time to really enjoy a project, but this LP marinated so well over the past 2 months. Top 3 songs, “Twenty Two Black”, “Outro by Simon Vertugo” and “Induced.” “Twenty Two Black” is a huge standout, this track came with the right energy, we need more young black artist to start showing these emotions man, fuck the trapping we need to actually start rapping cause right here is some great penmanship yet I bet y’all didn’t know about this track till us. “Induced” was a sneaker on this top 3, I wanted to put “Blossom” but that final switch up at 2:43 really took my brain on a trip, dope track overall. “Outro by Simon Vertugo” shows the beauty of friendship in music, it’s not often you have a group of buddies all seeking a similar goal who help motivate each other to pursue it. It was refreshing but above all a real delight to listen too. Make sure y’all follow everyone tagged in this post, I only post the truth like Paul Pierce but I ain’t shit the bed, with that line I shall take my things and head out. I am The Musical Hippie and these are my thoughts on “Ultra !” by Bleached SUN.

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