Marvels Spider-Man: Miles Morales Announcement Trailer

Insomniac Games has official announced a stand alone Mile Morales game for PlayStation 5. Yes this is a standalone game with Brooklyn’s Miles Morales who was introduced in their 2017 game, Marvel’s Spider-Man. Now from what we get through the trailer is that Miles has some seasoning to his wings, he is able to control his invisibility along with electric shock abilities at command when displayed in the trailer. Now let me also add that Kid Cudi goes wonderfully to this gameplay so I expect more tracks like that in game, I actually hope we get more of a mixtape in music style rather then the score used for Marvel’s Spider-Man being that Miles character is in tune with a creative interest in music. I am hyped for this game, it is set for a 2020 holiday release so I may cop a system just for this.


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