The Weight – Hero the Emcee (Single)

Boston’s Hero the Emcee (herotheemcee) dropped a new track on June 10th, 2020. Ya’ll ever feel the pressure of pure bars through your ears? Hero the Emcee goes pound for pound on “The Weight” which pushes more dope bars then “Freeway” Rick Ross. Hero brings knowledge with a fury of furious verses all about the weight of choices, actions and lifestyles that have formed this unseeable weight we have on us while still dropping a hot 36 on ya neck like Kobe. Lyrically this shit is hot man, I covered Hero before who left me in a different era with what he is bringing to the game. The single was produced by LOMAN (lomantypebeats) and mixed by Arcitype (thearcitype) who both bring a 90’s East Coast vibe to the track, this reminded me a lot of Jeru the Damaja’s “Come Clean” with Bad Boy Records production crew behind it while showing some dope love to the Golden Era with samples from Rakim the God. Solid track overall, show these brothers some major love especially Hero who copped one of our tees, major love for that brother.


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