The Land – Native Son (Music Video)

South Carolina duo Native Son (benny_starr/rodrickcliche) released a new single/music video titled “The Land” on May 15th, 2020. Fist up, knee down cause these brothers kick it with full knowledge of their history. Benny Starr is the MC (benny_starr), Rodrick Cliche (rodrickcliche) the DJ, together they form Native Son which reminds me so much of the X-Clan with a modern take. Benny’s flow/delivery remind me much of Kendrick with a hint of Schoolboy Q, his lyrics tell truths hidden beneath a governments narrative but overall the lyrics are fire ya’ll. Production is fire, I really like the intense drums that beat heavy like a heart in battle as the tone brings a triumph feeling to my spirit. Daniel Green ( who directed the music video did a solid job at keeping my attention, I liked his lighting along with the angles used on Benny. “The Land” is a must listen in these times, make sure to also follow Acres of Ancestry (acresofancestry) for more information on the culture hidden in the leaves.


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