YELLOW – Kai (Music Video)

Chicago’s Kai (kaicrewsade) dropped a music video for his single “YELLOW” on June 5th, 2020. “YELLOW” is off of Kai’s debut album “Demo” which dropped on the 6th of June, let’s cut the cake. I’m gonna take a shot in the dark, I think Kai likes Tyler, the Creator by this production which has a “Flower Boy” vibe. Lyrically a color hasn’t sounded this good since Mile Davis “Kind of Blue”, the lyrics are from my mind about being yourself, being free with your spirit. Now this is where the Tyler influence is in my opinion, as Kai walks we get a second song afterwards that is shorter, while still being a whole part to the story the difference in tone is vibrant. Overall dope, make sure to peep the homies LP on Spotify, follow him or at least say what’s good in Chi-Town, one love.


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