ATL (404) – Dp Bankhead Court x Lil Brothers (Music Video)

Atlanta based rapper Dp Bankhead Court (iwishmylifewasamovie) released “ATL (404)” back on February 16th, 2020. The city of beauty gets a lovely, well spoken track to show love to one of the hardest working cities ever, Dp raps about the cities beauty along with his connection to the city. I think his flow/delivery is a smooth operator, one love to Big Daddy Kane. The chorus is made up by Court’s younger brothers who either rock that Falcons fire or Nike. I liked their voices on the track, it brought a innocence to it while Dp who’s voice at times really reminded me of Kendrick Lamar harmonizes over it so well. Production is well done like some bomb carne asada, I liked the beat which felt human, living through the passage of words from Dp. If you dug this make sure to peep our next write up by this brother or if you’re ready for more right now peep his YouTube.


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