Break up in Time for Love – Heavy Hawaii (Music Video)

San Diego artist Heavy Hawaii (heavyhawaii) released a music video for his single “Break up in Time for Love” back on March 30th, 2020. What feels like so long ago was only just a few days ago for me when I stumbled on this weird, creative alternative-rock/synthetic track. The lyrics revolve around romantic concepts, a lot from my interpretation was about a one-sided relationship that was sour due to one partner not seeming to find time for love, so as a result it lead to breaking up but the other half feels lost due to them unknowing how much damage they were causing. I really liked the visuals, they’re grimy with a VHS filter but it is more so the locations/angles that catch my eye, I liked that no shot felt the same with a lot of filler film being these oddities while some had Heavy or a unnamed female in horror-clown makeup. Overall this was fire, I follow this brother once I listened to this so maybe ya’ll should join me, he put an album titled “Boy Don’t Drown” out on April 3rd which I’m gonna check next but for now, enjoy this brothers & sisters.


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