Otito – snny (Review)

Iceland based artist snny (snnyordie) released his second EP “Otito” on May 8th, 2020. The 7 track EP clocks in at 24 minutes with tones of variety, I have been needing to cover this brother since January but have been putting it off, but this paid off as now I have a full project to discuss. I was drawn to snny’s music by his track “Better to Leave it” which had a jazz-funk vibe with mellow lyrics. I ain’t got much more to say, cut the bullshit and let’s get into it, this is “Otito” by snny.

“Abidjan” starts off the EP, titled after the coastal city Abidjan in West Africa. snny speaks on the city where he has roots. He also flexes some French which is the popular language of the city. Overall great introduction that shows the complexity of snny. “Somewhere in Brooklyn” from snny’s words is ” a sad song that people could dance to. There’s a sense of freedom that comes with heartbreak, but it’s wrapped up in nostalgia.” The songs alternative-pop sound do just that, this is something to dance to on a rainy day, I loved snny’s vocals which feel like emotions being spilled out, I really just enjoyed the overall vibe. “User Not Found” is for the lost ones, we’ve all been trapped in our own thoughts, dissecting the smallest things to find purpose or reason. Overall solid track full of emotion. Track 4 titled “Sideways” has a David Bowie vibe too it, a more alternative/synthetic rock, I had a feeling as if I was in the 80’s while burnt to this joint. “Pink Lemonade” continues the smooth vibes with a fresh cup of love, from love of self to love for others, I really enjoyed the friendly vibes here overall. “Better to Leave it” is a vibe bro. This was what caught my eye, a song about moving forward, leaving the past behind for a better tomorrow. “The Kids Are Getting Old” concludes our EP on a moving, soul filled melody. Lyrically snny speaks on the growth of children, blooming into the future while still living in the past, those who shall helps us stand when we shouldn’t need to knell over violence, RIP George Floyd. This is a beautiful send off to a wonderful EP.

Overall “Otito” is a great EP full of wonderful production with great lyrics. My two favorite tracks would be “Somewhere in Brooklyn” and “User Not Found.” “Somewhere in Brooklyn” has such a beautiful vibe man, again this is track number uno on my rainy day mixtape. “User Not Found” is a mood, all about just rediscovery, I enjoyed this track entirely. This is worth the listen ya’ll, definitely make sure you check it out when you can, I am The Musical Hippie and these are my thoughts on “Otito” by snny.


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