White – Jodye Jo (Music Video)

Stockton, CA rapper Jodye Jo (jodyebabyboy) released a new single/music video on May 24th, 2020. Produced by Skylo (beatsbyskylo), “White” is for the streets with lyrics about shorties, hustling and smart investments with yourself. I liked Jo’s flow/delivery along with his voice, it rolled off the tongue smooth. Skylo handled production, I liked the beat’s triumphed sound, had me hyped. MVDIGIUALS (matt.jv) and Jodye handled the music videos directing while MVDIGIUALS shot the whole thing which was well done, liked the scenery along with the fun dynamic between a dish boy who wants the world vs a co-worker (played by bigwormsbakeryanddeli1520) who has heard this Scarface story one to many time, eventually leading to a less then friendly exchange between customer (played by _bmaglinte) and washer. Solid song overall, enjoyed this one fully so go show brother some love for his craft.


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