On Me – Mulherin x Dijon (Music Video)

Memphis, Tennessee duo Mulherin (mulherinmusic) released a new single/music video on May 1st, 2020. Marshall (marshmulherin) and Parker (parkermul) make up the duo who have been releasing music since 2016. Now I was unfamiliar with this pair of artist but glad I caught their ad, “On Me” is a soft rock/pop song full of passion, mellow vibes with a drizzle of tears. The lyrics revolve around accepting blame for a multitude of biffs which ultimately lead to a revelation of self, a truly beautiful track that one should listen to make their own connection. Dijon (dijondijon_) is the feature which brings a additional vocals/guitar strings to the joint, his impact hits harder then the Iron Giant, I really enjoyed his inclusion on the track. Show some love ya’ll, this shit was fire.


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