Stranger’s Wrath – DemarcoTheMan (Single)

DemarcoTheMan (demarcotheman) blessed the game with a followup to “Moon Town” on May 24th, 2020. Produced again by the ever so talented WANDER (W4NDXR) “Stranger’s Wrath” lives up to the strange nature with vivid imagery through poetic storytelling lyrics, we’ve covered strange-pop many times which is what Demarco defines his style as, a original name/sound to him. The story follows a stranger, possibly homeless but you hear his pain through Demarco’s deep, dark toned voice as he slowly falls apart till a ultimate decent to death. Production is solid, WANDER never fails us with a track that starts off with a sci-fi feel but slowly rolls into a more jazzy/brass beat. Show love ya’ll, these my dudes.


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