Only Knxw Knxws – Yung Knxw (Review)

Houston’s Yung Kmxw (yungknxw) dropped a new EP on May 20th, 2020. “Only Knxw Knxws” is the debut EP from the song of Southern Rap legend Bushwick Bill, this EP has been hyped up for a while and I was excited to see track number 4. Yes you heard me right, Knxws is kin of Bushwick Bill but brings his style to the game. I have worked with both Knxw and his father so I am happy to bring ya’ll this, without further delay this is “Only Knxw Knxws” by Yung Knxws.

“Hefner” starts off the EP, Yung Knxw brings a trap track full of references, a couple kilos of bars and overall a solid trap-rap track to get the vibes started. Track 2 titled “Trenches” sees Berkeley’s Lil B (lilbisgod) team up to exchange verses like stocks. They both do a solid job with their time, the beat is made for grandma cause it slaps hard so turn the nob up to max. “Nowhere 2 Go” is for all the homies who got nowhere to go so they hustle in the streets. I fuck with production, the EP up to here has been fire so let’s see if the trend continues. “Badu Vibe (Remix)” features uncle Treach of Naughty by Nature along with Bushwick Bill who all rap in a similar style to Bill in tribute to the late legend. I like the flow of things here, it is just good energy. “Bload.Sweat.Tears” has a “Sky’s The Limit” type vibe as Knxw reminisces over his life, from the days as a youth to his current space. We conclude with “Times Still Hard”, a track that reminds you no matter what life is rough so keep grinding young hustler. The single is a touching end to the EP, showing a softer side of Knxws who gets real personal, this had some of the best lyricism overall.

Overall this is a great EP to start off with, Yung Knxws does everything I care about in my music in a great manner, from production to his lyrics I was definitely bopping my head throughout the entire EP. Favorite songs are gonna be “Times Still Hard” and “Blood.Sweat.Tears.” Both display deeper storytelling from Knxws while “Blood.Sweat.Tears” killed production, again this had them Biggie vibes for me all over it. Honorable mention would be “Badu Vibe (Remix) which was solid across the board, one love to Bushwick. Again show my man some love, this is that second generation of rap from the Golden Era in effect ya’ll, keep eyes on my man like a angel, but these are my thoughts on “Only Knxw Knxws.”


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