Pretty Girl Problems – Lanesborough (Single)

Bakersfield based duo Lanesborough (lanesborough_) released a new single titled “Pretty Girl Problems” on May 22nd, 2020. The alternative-pop duo is made up of Trent (trents__) and Phil Fields (_philly_willy), ain’t that just a joyous combination of names right there. Now if you’re fans of my man PartyONE (gehrigryan) then you’re gonna love this, the alternative-pop blend with some 808 synthetics works well together on this track. Lyrics are a bit weird for me, I struggled at first to depict what I was hearing, the track covers subjects of confused love, flirty intentions and distrust between each other, but honestly I was so captivated by the beat I didn’t focus much on lyrics. However if I can add a cherry on top the vocals are beautiful, these guys got something special so go show them some love.


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